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Mounts are a feature of Heroes of the Storm. They are used by heroes for extra speed. Heroes cannot attack or cast abilities while mounted.

Heroes are able to ride into battle on a mount, allowing quick returns to a fight and great mobility from one lane to another.[1] Mounts replace boots. They have a two second channel time and allow heroes to move around faster. While mounted, when a hero is hit by any source of damage, they are dismounted. After dismounting, it takes a few seconds before a hero can mount again.

Most mounts include different skins. All players start with a free horse mount, and most additional mounts can be "crafted" via the Collection interface using shards. Prices range from IconShard.png 100 to IconShard.png 1600. In addition, unique mounts are also given as a reward to players who make a real money purchase; these "billy goats" are different depending on when a player made the purchase.[2]

Some heroes don't have a mount, either due to physiology (e.g. Zagara) or abilities that have similar benefits (e.g. Brightwing's teleportation ability).

For mounts not listed below, please see one of the following: Competition Mounts, Promotional Mounts, or Seasonal Mounts.


IconShard.png 2400
Spectral Stallion.jpg
Spectral Stallion

IconShard.png 1600
Crimson Hare.jpg Demonic Hellsteed.jpg Judgment Charger.jpg Rainbow Unicorn.jpg Tyrael's Charger.jpg
Crimson Hare Demonic Hellsteed Judgment Charger Rainbow Unicorn Tyrael's Charger

IconShard.png 600
Illidans Nightmare.jpg Phantom Stallion.jpg Undead Horse.jpg
Illidan's Nightmare Phantom Stallion Undead Horse

IconShard.png 400
Armored War Steed.jpg Golden Nexus Charger.jpg Marshal's Outrider.jpg
Armored War Steed Golden Nexus Charger Marshal's Outrider

IconShard.png 100
Note: base and select Horse skins are free
Horse.jpg Saddled Horse.jpg
Horse Saddled Horse

IconGold1.png 10,000
Invisible Horse.jpg
Invisible Horse


IconShard.png 2,400
Lunar Guardian.jpg
Lunar Guardian

IconShard.png 400
Amani War Bear.jpg Butcher's Beast.jpg Dire Wolf.jpg Felsaber.jpg Hellboar.jpg
Amani War Bear Butcher's Beast Dire Wolf Felsaber Hellboar

Lunar Rooster.jpg Lunar Tiger Mount - Green.jpg Ringmaster's Pride.jpg
Lunar Rooster Lunar Tiger Ringmaster's Pride

IconShard.png 100/Free
Battle Beast.jpg Saddled Battle Beast.jpg
Battle Beast
Saddled Battle Beast
IconShard.png 100

IconGold1.png 10,000
Golden Lunar Rooster.jpg
Golden Lunar Rooster

IconGold1.png 7,000
Lucky Piggy Bank.jpg
Lucky Piggy Bank

Celestial Raptor.jpg
Celestial Raptor


IconShard.png 2400
STORM Strider.jpg
STORM Strider

IconShard.png 1600
Cyber Ram.jpg Ghost Speeder.jpg Road Boar.jpg Space Lord's Starbreaker.jpg Spectre Phantom.jpg
Cyber Ram Ghost Speeder Road Boar Space Lord's Starbreaker Spectre Phantom

IconShard.png 400
Cyber Wolf.jpg
Cyber Wolf

IconGold1.png 10,000
Golden Lunar Skyrocket.jpg
Golden Lunar Skyrocket

Lunar Festival quest reward
Lunar Skyrocket Mount.jpg
Lunar Skyrocket


IconShard.png 1600
Nimbus Cloud.jpg Cloud - Happy.jpg
Nimbus Cloud Cloud

IconShard.png 400
Cloud Serpent.jpg Heart Stone.jpg Lunar Dragon - Red.jpg Magic Carpet.jpg Star Chariot.jpg
Cloud Serpent Heart Stone Lunar Dragon Magic Carpet Star Chariot

Championship Banner IconShard.png 100
2016 Championship Banner.jpg 2017 Championship Banner.jpg
2016 2017


Anub'arak - Crypt Lord Wings.jpg Azmodan - Flames of Wrath.jpg Rehgar - Ghost Wolf.jpg Zagara - Broodmother Flight.jpg
Crypt Lord Wings
Flames of Wrath
Ghost Wolf Form
Broodmother Flight
Arthas - Bat Transformation.jpg Kerrigan - Bat Transformation.jpg Tassadar - Mecha Morph.jpg
Crimson Count Arthas
Bat Transformation
Countess Kerrigan
Bat Transformation
Mecha Tassadar
Mecha Morph

Unknown status

The following mounts are not found in the current Collection pane. They are also not part of any season, promotion, or competition. As such, it is unknown whether they may become obtainable again.

Blackheart's Doubloon - Green.jpg Golden Rooster.gif Nazeebra Mount - Orange.jpg Piggy Bank - Yellow.jpg Treasure Goblin - Black.jpg
Blackheart's Doubloon Golden Rooster
Now known as Golden Lunar Rooster
Nazeebra Piggy Bank Treasure Goblin


Thrall on his cyberworlf mount

The original Warhorse.

  • The idea for mounts came from Thrall, where, in early development, he was given a cyber wolf to ride in order to distinguish him from Za'Muro. This sparked the idea of the use of mounts in general.[3]

Patch changes

  • Patch.png (Patch January 24, 2017Note: When ridden by a Hero in Stealth, mechanical Mounts will no longer play sound effects that are audible to nearby enemy Heroes.
  • Patch.png (Patch September 13, 2016Note: Movement Speed reduced from 40 to 30%.
  • Patch.png (Patch July 20, 2016Note: Heroes who have unique Mounts, such as Zagara and Anub’arak, will no longer occasionally receive Horse Mounts in-game.


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