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Li Li gaining experience

In Heroes of the Storm, all heroes gain experience (aka exp or XP). Baseline experience is gained as a team. As such, all heroes on one team possess the same level of experience, and gain levels simultaneously. On the scoreboard, one is able to see how much you have contributed to the teams experience.

The amount of experience earned for each game is determined by the result (win/loss), length, and experience bonuses, if applicable. Players are also be able to gain experience by completing quests.

Gaining experience

  • Killing minions. If a player is inside a "reasonable range" (about 1/2 of the screen) when a minion dies the team will be awarded the XP.
  • Killing enemy players. The amount you get is determined by the difference in levels between the two teams. See "Underdog Bonus" section below.
  • Killing neutral camps (not effective, except on Hanamura)
  • Destroying buildings:
  • Towers at near Forts give 400 XP each; towers near Keeps give 650 XP each.
  • Fountains, gates and walls don't reward any XP.


XP Bonuses Stack Additively

Friend Bonus

  • Playing in a party with one friend will award a total of 50% bonus XP, but playing with additional party members will award even more XP.
  • Playing Team League in a full party with at least one friend and an active Stimpack will award a total of 225% bonus XP.
  • The “Available XP Bonuses” icon in the top navigation bar activates when players are receiving any of the bonuses mentioned above.
    • Hover the cursor over this icon to display a tooltip that offers a full breakdown of all active and inactive XP bonuses.

Daily Win Bonus

The first game that players win each day awards 50% bonus XP and Gold for that match.

  • This bonus applies to all game modes except Brawl, Custom Games, and Training.
  • A First Win of the Day icon is at the top navigation bar, which activates whenever a First Win of the Day bonus is available.

Party Bonus

The XP bonus earned by playing in a party scales based on the number of party members:

  • 2 Players: +25%
  • 3 Players: +33%
  • 4 Players: +42%
  • 5 Players: +50%

Game Mode Bonus

Underdog Bonus

A team that is behind the opposing team gets an "underdog bonus" for every enemy hero that is killed. The amount of bonus XP earned per takedown will scale significantly based on how many levels apart the teams are, and caps off at a four-level difference. Bonus XP will be granted for each takedown until team levels become even. Additionally, a team that is ahead in levels now earns fewer experience points for takedowns, and the effects work inversely. Likewise, this handicap ceases when the teams are leveled.[1]


Bonus trickle experience used to be in the game. It was granted to players that were 3 or more levels behind that of the opposing team.

Base experience by level

The following table shows:

  • Experience earned by killing 1 enemy hero when both teams have exact same amount of XP and have just reached the current level.
  • Experience earned by cleaning (nearby) the full lane (7 regular troops).

Warning: hero kill experience is influenced by level fractions (for example both teams at 10th level: right team almost at 11th and left team just got the 10th), so take this table as a reference, not the exact number.

Troops experience doesn't take any impact of level fractions, only current level number.

Level Hero kill Full lane
1 300 474
2 350 474
3 400 474
4 450 474
5 500 484
6 550 495
7 600 495
8 650 509
9 700 520
10 750 531
11 800 541
12 850 552
13 900 566
14 950 577
15 1000 588
16 1050 588
17 1100 609
18 1150 623
19 1200 634
20 1250 645
21 1300 655
22 1350 680
23 1400 691
24 1450 702
25 1500 723
26 1550 748
27 1600 769
28 1650 780
29 1700 794
30 1750 794

In game experience factors

Δ(4+ levels): If level difference is 4 levels or more, underdog team gets 200% of base experience for each kill and gives only 5% of the base experience for each death (from underdog's team).

The bonus or nerf experience factors (or fraction) between 0 and 4 levels is variable through game. Take the following table just by reference (rounded values).

Full Level (Δ) XP when behind XP when ahead
1 110% 95%
2 117% 62%
3 160% 48%


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