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"The Eternal Empire needed a force against rebellion after centuries of betrayal. I am that weapon. Through me, peace and order will be brought to the galaxy. Only the meddling Star Princessses, the sisters, stand in my way. I am Space Lord Leoric! And my empire will live forever!"

- Space Lord Leoric(src)

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The Eternal Empire is a conquering force that has consumed many worlds. While some have said that its name is presumptuous, those who uttered such words are now among the ranks of the dead.[1] It employs a number of space lords in its ranks.[2] The empire possesses the strength to destroy entire stars.[3]

However, it suffered centuries of rebellion. To quell such dissent, Space Lord Leoric was created/appointed to stamp out betrayal.[4] The Space Lord has brought countless worlds under the empire's thrall.[5] Now, only the Star Princesses of Earth stand in the empire's way. Sensing an opportunity to finally gain the advantage over those meddling princesses, Leoric was dispatched to swiftly bring the Nexus to heel under their command.[4]


A number of heroes are from this universe.

  • Sealed away by the Star Princesses millennia ago, the Dark Queen of the Dragons has finally broken free of her imprisonment. At long last, she will have her revenge on the people of Earth.
  • The Space Lord has brought countless worlds to heel in the name of the Eternal Empire. Soon, even the Earth's troublesome Star Princess will fall to the power of the darkness.
  • For eons, Earth has been protected by the magical Star Princess. Together, they stand against the Eternal Empire and its Space Lords in the name of love and friendship.
  • The Prophets of Kharazania forsaw the Eternal Empire's invasion, but their warning came too late. Medivh, the last Knight Owl, has sworn to prevent the Earth from suffering a similar fate.
  • When the Eternal Empire destroyed her home planet, Tyrande Solarwind swore to avenge her fallen people. Now, her quest to eliminate her mortal enemy has led her to the city of New York.


The Eternal Empire mythos appears to draw reference from both Star Wars and Sailor Moon as well as He-Man and She-Ra.