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Emojis are a cosmetic feature in Heroes of the Storm that allow players' to make chat much more expressive both in and out of the game. They are obtained by crafting (IconShard.png 40 per pack/IconShard.png 60 for event) or via Loot Chests, with each Hero having multiple emoji packs to choose from.

Each player starts with five basic "Nexus" packs. There are also emoji sets not related to particular Heroes, such as "celebration" or "food" packs. Players’ Emojis will automatically convert to match the Heroes they are currently using, so long as they own that Hero’s Emoji Packs. This will occur in-game, as well as after choosing a Hero during Hero Select or in Draft Lobbies.

Up to 10 Emojis can be set as Favorites. By right-clicking Emojis, they can be to added or removed from the Favorites tab. Blizzard has not implemented the ability to disable emojis.


  • Use Favorites during a match by clicking the heart button added to the right side of the in-game Chat bar, or by using their specific name shortcuts (always starting with ":").
  • In-game chat messages are limited to 10 Emojis per message. A notification will display on-screen when attempting to enter more than 10 Emojis in a single message.

Chat Shortcuts

There are chat shortcuts for the emoji's to display, without having to type out the full name of an emoji.

  • :) is :nexushappy:
  • :D is :nexuslol:
  • :( is :nexussad:
  • :P is :nexussilly:
  • :| is :nexusmeh:
  • :@ is :nexusangry:
  • B) is :nexuscool:
  • ^^; is :nexusoops:
  • :* is :nexuslove:
  • :O is :nexuswow:

If you are currently playing, or have selected, a Hero in-game and own said Hero's emoji packs, it will automatically use theirs instead of the default Nexus emoji. For example, typing :) while playing as Abathur will automatically display it as Abahappy.png.


All the packs in this category cost IconShard.png 60 per pack.

Hallow's End
Emojis - Countess Kerrigan - 1.jpg Emojis - Countess Kerrigan - 2.jpg Emojis - Crimson Count Arthas - 1.jpg Emojis - Crimson Count Arthas - 2.jpg Emojis - Deputy Valla - 1.jpg Emojis - Deputy Valla - 2.jpg
Countess Kerrigan Crimson Count Arthas Deputy Valla
Emojis - Doctor Wolf and Stein - 1.jpg Emojis - Doctor Wolf and Stein - 2.jpg Emojis - Hallows End Phrases.jpg Emojis - Psycho Stitches - 1.jpg Emojis - Psycho Stitches - 2.jpg Emojis - Sapper - 1.jpg
Doctor Wolf & Stein Hallow's End Phrases Psycho Stitches Sapper
Emojis - Sapper - 2.jpg Emojis - Scarecrow Xul - 1.jpg Emojis - Scarecrow Xul - 2.jpg Emojis -Skeletal Hand Symbol - 1.jpg Emojis -Skeletal Hand Symbol - 2.jpg Emojis -Skeletal Hand Symbol - 3.jpg
Scarecrow Xul Skeletal Hand Symbols
Emojis -Vampire Slayer V - Pack 1.jpg Emojis -Vampire Slayer V - Pack 2.jpg
Vampire Slayer V
Winter Veil
Emoji - Deck the Halls.jpg Emoji - Gingerdread Nazeebo 1.jpg Emoji - Gingerdread Nazeebo 2.jpg Emoji - Greatfather Winter Malfurion 1.jpg Emoji - Greatfather Winter Malfurion 2.jpg Emoji - Great-father Winter Rehgar 1.jpg
Deck the Halls Gingerdread Nazeebo Greatfather Winter Malfurion Great-father Winter Rehgar
Emoji - Great-father Winter Rehgar 2.jpg Emoji - Greatfather Winter Stitches 1.jpg Emoji - Greatfather Winter Stitches 2.jpg Emoji - Sugar Plum Sylvanas 1.jpg Emoji - Sugar Plum Sylvanas 2.jpg Emoji - Winter Veil Phrases.jpg
Greatfather Winter Stitches Sugar Plum Sylvanas Winter Veil Phrases
Lunar Festival
Emojis - Events - Lunar Festival Phrases.jpg Emojis - Events - Lunar Genji 1.jpg Emojis - Events - Lunar Genji 2.jpg Emojis - Events - Lunar Guardian 1.jpg Emojis - Events - Lunar Guardian 2.jpg Emojis - Events - Lunar Illidan 1.jpg
Lunar Festival Phrases Lunar Genji Lunar Guardian Lunar Illidan
Emojis - Events - Lunar Illidan 2.jpg Emojis - Events - Lunar Kael'thas 1.jpg Emojis - Events - Lunar Kael'thas 2.jpg Emojis - Events - Lunar Li Li 1.jpg Emojis - Events - Lunar Li Li 2.jpg Emojis - Events - Lunar Sylvanas 1.jpg
Lunar Kael'thas Lunar Li Li Lunar Sylvanas
Emojis - Events - Lunar Sylvanas 2.jpg


All the packs in this category cost IconShard.png 40 per pack.

Emoji - Alexstrasza 1.jpg Emoji - Alexstrasza 2.jpg Anub'arak Pack 1.jpg Anub'arak Pack 2.jpg Arthas Pack 1.jpg Arthas Pack 2.jpg
Alexstrasza Anub'arak Arthas
Brightwing Pack 1.jpg Brightwing Pack 2.jpg Chen Pack 1.jpg Chen Pack 2.jpg Cho Pack 1.jpg Cho Pack 2.jpg
Brightwing Chen Cho
Chromie Pack 1.jpg Chromie Pack 2.jpg ETC Pack 1.jpg ETC Pack 2.jpg Falstad Pack 1.jpg Falstad Pack 2.jpg
Chromie ETC Falstad
Gall Pack 1.jpg Gall Pack 2.jpg Emojis - Garrosh - Pack 1.jpg Emojis - Garrosh - Pack 2.jpg Gazlowe Pack 1.jpg Gazlowe Pack 2.jpg
Gall Garrosh Gazlowe
Greymane Pack 1.jpg Greymane Pack 2.jpg Gul'dan Pack 1.jpg Gul'dan Pack 2.jpg Illidan Pack 1.jpg Illidan Pack 2.jpg
Greymane Gul'dan Illidan
Jaina Pack 1.jpg Jaina Pack 2.jpg Emojis - Dreadlord Jaina - Pack 1.jpg Emojis - Dreadlord Jaina - Pack 2.jpg Kael'thas Pack 1.jpg Kael'thas Pack 2.jpg
Jaina Dreadlord Jaina Kael'thas
Emojis - KelThuzad - Pack 1.jpg Emojis - KelThuzad - Pack 2.jpg Li Li Pack 1.jpg Li Li Pack 2.jpg Lunara Pack 1.jpg Lunara Pack 2.jpg
Kel'Thuzad Li Li Lunara
Emojis - Warcraft - Maiev 1.jpg Emojis - Warcraft - Maiev 2.jpg Malfurion Pack 1.jpg Malfurion Pack 2.jpg Medivh Pack 1.jpg Medivh Pack 2.jpg
Maiev Malfurion Medivh
Muradin Pack 1.jpg Muradin Pack 2.jpg Murky Pack 1.jpg Murky Pack 2.jpg Ragnaros Pack 1.jpg Ragnaros Pack 2.jpg
Muradin Murky Ragnaros
Rehgar Pack 1.jpg Rehgar Pack 2.jpg Rexxar Pack 1.jpg Rexxar Pack 2.jpg Samuro Pack 1.jpg Samuro Pack 2.jpg
Rehgar Rexxar Samuro
Stitches Pack 1.jpg Stitches Pack 2.jpg Sylvanas Pack 1.jpg Sylvanas Pack 2.jpg Thrall Pack 1.jpg Thrall Pack 2.jpg
Stitches Sylvanas Thrall
Tyrande Pack 1.jpg Tyrande Pack 2.jpg Uther Pack 1.jpg Uther Pack 2.jpg Valeera Pack 1.jpg Valeera Pack 2.jpg
Tyrande Uther Valeera
Varian Pack 1.jpg Varian Pack 2.jpg Zul'jin Pack 1.jpg Zul'jin Pack 2.jpg
Varian Zul'jin


All the packs in this category cost IconShard.png 40 per pack.


All the packs in this category cost IconShard.png 40 per pack.

Auriel Pack 1.jpg Auriel Pack 2.jpg Azmodan Pack 1.jpg Azmodan Pack 2.jpg Butcher Pack 1.jpg Butcher Pack 2.jpg
Auriel Azmodan Butcher
Cassia Pack 1.jpg Cassia Pack 2.jpg Diablo Pack 1.jpg Diablo Pack 2.jpg Johanna Pack 1.jpg Johanna Pack 2.jpg
Cassia Diablo Johanna
Kharazim Pack 1.jpg Kharazim Pack 2.jpg Leoric Pack 1.jpg Leoric Pack 2.jpg Li-Ming Pack 1.jpg Li-Ming Pack 2.jpg
Kharazim Leoric Li-Ming
Malthael - Pack 1.jpg Malthael - Pack 2.jpg Nazeebo Pack 1.jpg Nazeebo Pack 2.jpg Sonya Pack 1.jpg Sonya Pack 2.jpg
Malthael Nazeebo Sonya
Emojis - Death Knight Sonya - Pack 1.jpg Emojis - Death Knight Sonya - Pack 2.jpg Emojis - Deathbringer Sonya - Pack 1.jpg Emojis - Deathbringer Sonya - Pack 2.jpg Tyrael Pack 1.jpg Tyrael Pack 2.jpg
Death Knight
Valla Pack 1.jpg Valla Pack 2.jpg Xul Pack 1.jpg Xul Pack 2.jpg
Valla Xul


All the packs in this category cost IconShard.png 40 per pack.

Emojis - Ana.jpg Emojis - Ana - Pack2.jpg D.Va Emoji Pack 1.png D'Va Emoji Pack 2.png Genji Pack 1.jpg Genji Pack 2.jpg
Ana D.Va Genji
Emoji - Hanzo 1.jpg Emoji - Hanzo 2.jpg Emojis - Junkrat - 1.jpg Emojis - Junkrat - 2.jpg Lucio Pack 1.jpg Lucio Pack 2.jpg
Hanzo Junkrat Lúcio
Tracer Pack 1.jpg Tracer Pack 2.jpg Zarya Pack 1.jpg Zarya Pack 2.jpg
Tracer Zarya

Blizzard Classic

All the packs in this category cost IconShard.png 40 per pack.

Lost Vikings Pack 1.jpg Lost Vikings Pack 2.jpg
Lost Vikings


All the below packs are free and given to players automatically.

Hand Symbol Pack 1.jpg Hand Symbol Pack 2.jpg Hand Symbol Pack 3.jpg Nexus Pack.jpg Phrases Pack.jpg
Hand Symbol Nexus Pack Phrases Pack

All the below packs cost IconShard.png 40 per pack.

Emoji - Dragon Knight 1.jpg Emoji - Dragon Knight 2.jpg Celebratory Pack.jpg Emojis - Nexus - Elements.jpg Food Pack 1.jpg Food Pack 2.jpg
Dragon Knight Celebratory Elements Food
Gauntlet Hand Symbol Pack 1.jpg Gauntlet Hand Symbol Pack 2.jpg Gauntlet Hand Symbol Pack 3.jpg Emoji - Nexus - Heart.jpg In Memorium Pack.jpg
Hand Symbol
Heart In Memorium
Emojis - Mecha Dehaka 1.jpg Emojis - Mecha Dehaka 2.jpg Emojis - Mecha Phrases 1.jpg Emojis - Mecha Rehgar 1.jpg Emojis - Mecha Rehgar 2.jpg
Mecha Dehaka Mecha Phrases Mecha Rehgar
Emojis - Mecha Tassadar 1.jpg Emojis - Mecha Tassadar 2.jpg Emojis - Mecha Tyrael 1.jpg Emojis - Mecha Tyrael 2.jpg Orc Hand Symbol Pack 1.jpg
Mecha Tassadar Mecha Tyrael Orc
Hand Symbol
Orc Hand Symbol Pack 2.jpg Orc Hand Symbol Pack 3.jpg Sweet Phrases Pack.jpg Emojis - Xenotech Abathur 1.jpg Emojis - Xenotech Abathur 2.jpg
Sweet Phrases Xenotech Abathur



Patch changes

  • Patch.png (Patch August 23, 2017Note: Sending an “Embarrassed” Emoji (:oops:) as Garrosh, or while he is selected for play, will now correctly display the Garrosh Embarrassed Emoji if the player owns the corresponding Emoji pack.
  • Patch.png (Patch July 11, 2017Note: The client will now display a list of suggested Emojis as it attempts to predict the player’s intended Emoji when they begin typing shorthand into the chat window.
  • Patch.png (Patch May 31, 2017Note: Fixed an issue in which unintended emojis could overwrite portions of long-hand emoji codes that were typed in manually.
  • Patch.png (Patch May 16, 2017Note: D.Va Pack 1, D.Va Pack 2 added.; In-game chat messages are now limited to 10 Emojis per message. A notification will display on-screen when attempting to enter more than 10 Emojis in a single message.; Emojis whispered between Heroes of the Storm players will now display their shortcodes when the whisper is viewed in the Blizzard Launcher’s chat window.
  • Patch.png (Patch April 25, 2017Note: Added.