Heroes of the Storm Wiki

Currency is the multiple means by which players may purchase various items within Heroes of the Storm. With Heroes of the Storm 2.0, there are three types of currency, used for different purposes.

Currency types

  • IconGold1.pngGold: used to purchase Heroes and Loot Chest re-rolls.
    • Gold will still be awarded through Hero progression, as well as upon completing matches, Daily Quests, and Heroes Brawls.
  • IconGem.pngGems: used to purchase Heroes, Bundles, Loot Chests, Stimpacks, and Featured Items.
    • Additional Gems can be purchased using real money in the Gem Shop.
    • Enter the Gem Shop by clicking the “+” button found next to the Gem counter added to the top navigation bar in the game’s menus.
    • Players are awarded 1000 Gems at level 5 and occasionally receive more through progression
    • Featured items will rotate regularly
  • IconShard.pngShards: crafting material that can be collected and used to Forge cosmetic items, including: Skins, Mounts, Announcers, Banners, Emoji packs, Sprays, Portraits, and Voice Lines.
    • Varying amounts of Shards can appear as Loot Chest drops.
    • Any duplicate items received in a Loot Chest will automatically fragment into Shards.​

Patch changes