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The Burning Court is a world within the Nexus, described as lying within the deepest recess of the Inferno. This is a realm built entirely upon the rules of sports.


A number of multiverse versions of Heroes are from here.

  • In the deepest recesses of the Inferno lies the Burning Court, a realm with a single edict set by the first Hoop-Lord: "Thou shalt slam with the best, or thou jammest with the rest."
  • Unsurprisingly, cheerleading for the Burning Courts can be extraordinarily demanding. As team captain, Kerrigan has little patience for squad members who can't take the heat.
  • Li-Ming is an avid student of magic, but it was her skills on the court that scored her a scholarship at the Ysharj Sanctum. As team captain, she intends to lead the Vizjerei Fireflies to victory.