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Representing the Nexus.

Banners are cosmetic features in Heroes of the Storm that allow players' Heroes to raise a flag whenever they assert their dominance on the battleground. They are obtained via crafting through shards, or by opening Loot Chests. There are also limited edition Banners, that are often quest rewards for specific events.

The basic Nexus Banner is available for free, by default. Basic banners cost IconShard.png 40, while the more intricate warbanners cost IconShard.png 100.

Banners are automatically planted a upon destroying Keeps and Forts, capturing Merc Camps, or completing Battleground Objectives, and will show the name of the player who planted the banner.

Banners also appear at the results screen at the MVP highlight, with a special animation for each one.


Banners cost IconShard.png 40.


Alliance Banner.jpg Teal Alliance Banner.jpg Dwarf Banner.jpg Violet Dwarf Banner.jpg Horde Banner.jpg
Franchise-warcraft.png Alliance Banner Franchise-warcraft.png Teal Alliance Banner Franchise-warcraft.png Dwarf Banner Franchise-warcraft.png Violet Dwarf Banner Franchise-warcraft.png Horde Banner
Alliance Banners: Champions of order and justice, the heroes of the Alliance bring light to the darkest corners of Azeroth.
Dwarf Banners: There's nothing a dwarf loves more than a good brew in a warm tavern. Except perhaps the tavern brawl that follows.
Horde Banners: Forged from the misunderstood and outcast races of Azeroth, the Horde values strength and honor above all else.
Amber Horde Banner.jpg Night Elf Banner.jpg Teal Night Elf Banner.jpg Tauren Banner.jpg Amber Tauren Banner.jpg
Franchise-warcraft.png Amber Horde Banner Franchise-warcraft.png Night Elf Banner Franchise-warcraft.png Teal Night Elf Banner Franchise-warcraft.png Tauren Banner Franchise-warcraft.png Amber Tauren Banner
Night Elf Banners: The night elves are an ancient and mystical race, bound to nature and the light of Elune.
Tauren Banners: The wise and noble tauren are a peaceful people, but will not hesitate to fight when the land is in danger.


Aiur Protoss Banner.jpg Nerazim Protoss Banner.jpg Taldarim Protoss Banner.jpg Terran Banner.jpg Dominion Terran Banner.jpg
Franchise-starcraft.png Aiur Protoss Banner Franchise-starcraft.png Nerazim Protoss Banner Franchise-starcraft.png Tal'darim Protoss Banner Franchise-starcraft.png Terran Banner Franchise-starcraft.png Dominion Terran Banner
Protoss Banners: Though they have lost the Khala, the protoss have found a greater sense of unity than they have ever known before.
Terran Banners: Though relatively new to the Koprulu Sector, the terrans have played a significant role in shaping its destiny.
Raiders Terran Banner.jpg Zerg Banner.jpg Char Zerg Banner.jpg Kaldir Zerg Banner.jpg
Franchise-starcraft.png Raiders Terran Banner Franchise-starcraft.png Zerg Banner Franchise-starcraft.png Char Zerg Banner Franchise-starcraft.png Kaldir Zerg Banner
Zerg Banners: From their humble beginnings on Zerus, the zerg have evolved into one of the most terrifying forces in the galaxy.


Demon Hunter Banner.jpg Azure Demon Hunter Banner.jpg Crimson Demon Hunter Banner.jpg Witch Doctor Banner.jpg Toxic Witch Doctor Banner.jpg
Franchise-diablo.png Demon Hunter Banner Franchise-diablo.png Azure Demon Hunter Banner Franchise-diablo.png Crimson Demon Hunter Banner Franchise-diablo.png Witch Doctor Banner Franchise-diablo.png Toxic Witch Doctor Banner
Demon Hunter Banners: The demon hunters are neither a people, nor a nation. Instead, they are survivors bound by vengeance.
Witch Doctor Banners: The totems of the Tribe of the Five Hills serve as both markers and as powerful mojos.
Crimson Witch Doctor Banner.jpg Wizard Banner.jpg Amber Wizard Banner.jpg Violet Wizard Banner.jpg
Franchise-diablo.png Crimson Witch Doctor Banner Franchise-diablo.png Wizard Banner Franchise-diablo.png Amber Wizard Banner Franchise-diablo.png Violet Wizard Banner
Wizard Banners: Banner of the rebellious students of the Yshari Sanctum who proudly bear the name Wizard.


Overwatch Banner.jpg Azure Overwatch Banner.jpg D.Va Banner.png Iconic D.Va Banner.png
Franchise-overwatch.png Overwatch Banner Franchise-overwatch.png Azure Overwatch Banner Franchise-overwatch.png D.Va Banner Franchise-overwatch.png Iconic D.Va Banner
Overwatch Banners: Soldiers. Scientists. Adventuerers. Oddities. Overwatch was the guardian of global peace for a generation.
D.Va Banners: MEKA pilots are recruited for their incredible dexterity and multi-tasking skills. Personal branding is just a plus.
Genji Banner.png Iconic Genji Banner.png Tracer Banner.jpg Iconic Tracer Banner.jpg
Franchise-overwatch.png Genji Banner Franchise-overwatch.png Iconic Genji Banner Franchise-overwatch.png Tracer Banner Franchise-overwatch.png Iconic Tracer Banner
Genji Banners: Genji found inner peace only through diligent training and meditation. It has made him stronger than he ever was before.
Tracer Banners: Tracer's ability to speed up or slow down her own time made her one of Overwatch's most effective agents.


Warbanners cost IconShard.png 100.


Alliance Warbanner.jpg Teal Alliance Warbanner.jpg Dwarf Warbanner.jpg Violet Dwarf Warbanner.jpg Horde Warbanner.jpg
Franchise-warcraft.png Alliance Warbanner Franchise-warcraft.png Teal Alliance Warbanner Franchise-warcraft.png Dwarf Warbanner Franchise-warcraft.png Violet Dwarf Warbanner Franchise-warcraft.png Horde Warbanner
Alliance Warbanners: Kings may die, and kingdoms may fall, but the Alliance will never be broken. For the Alliance!
Dwarf Warbanners: Descended from the creations of the titan, the dwarves are heirs to great and mysterious fonts of power.
Horde Warbanners: The Horde's history is rife with struggle and turmoil, but its flame will never be extinguished. For the Horde!
Amber Horde Warbanner.jpg Night Elf Warbanner.jpg Teal Night Elf Warbanner.jpg Tauren Warbanner.jpg Amber Tauren Warbanner.jpg
Franchise-warcraft.png Amber Horde Warbanner Franchise-warcraft.png Night Elf Warbanner Franchise-warcraft.png Teal Night Elf Warbanner Franchise-warcraft.png Tauren Warbanner Franchise-warcraft.png Amber Tauren Warbanner
Night Elf Warbanners: Whether they fight with blade, spell, or beast, the heroes of the kaldorei are among Azeroth's fiercest guardians.
Tauren Warbanners: The greatest heroes of the shu'halo prove themselves not only in battle, but in sage counsel as well.


Aiur Protoss Warbanner.jpg Nerazim Protoss Warbanner.jpg Taldarim Protoss Warbanner.jpg Terran Warbanner.jpg Dominion Terran Warbanner.jpg
Franchise-starcraft.png Aiur Protoss Warbanner Franchise-starcraft.png Nerazim Protoss Warbanner Franchise-starcraft.png Tal'darim Protoss Warbanner Franchise-starcraft.png Terran Warbanner Franchise-starcraft.png Dominion Terran Warbanner
Protoss Warbanners: Few can withstand the full might of the firstborn. Where the Golden Armada goes, victory follows.
Terran Warbanners: Terrans are ingenious and industrious. If they ever united under one banner, they just might be unstoppable.
Raiders Terran Warbanner.jpg Zerg Warbanner.jpg Char Zerg Warbanner.jpg Kaldir Zerg Warbanner.jpg
Franchise-starcraft.png Raiders Terran Warbanner Franchise-starcraft.png Zerg Warbanner Franchise-starcraft.png Char Zerg Warbanner Franchise-starcraft.png Kaldir Zerg Warbanner


Demon Hunter Warbanner.jpg Azure Demon Hunter Warbanner.jpg Crimson Demon Hunter Warbanner.jpg Witch Doctor Warbanner.jpg Toxic Witch Doctor Warbanner.jpg
Franchise-diablo.png Demon Hunter Warbanner Franchise-diablo.png Azure Demon Hunter Warbanner Franchise-diablo.png Crimson Demon Hunter Warbanner Franchise-diablo.png Witch Doctor Warbanner Franchise-diablo.png Toxic Witch Doctor Warbanner
Demon Hunter Warbanners: Only a hunter whose hatred is fully tempered by discipline will ever bear the sigil of the Order-masters.
Witch Doctor Warbanners: A Witch Doctor's mask clouds their identity, presenting them as an aspect of the spirits.
Crimson Witch Doctor Warbanner.jpg Wizard Warbanner.jpg Amber Wizard Warbanner.jpg Violet Wizard Warbanner.jpg
Franchise-diablo.png Crimson Witch Doctor Warbanner Franchise-diablo.png Wizard Warbanner Franchise-diablo.png Amber Wizard Warbanner Franchise-diablo.png Violet Wizard Warbanner
Wizard Warbanners: The full power of the wizards is so great that the earth itself trembles at their machinations.


Overwatch Warbanner.jpg Azure Overwatch Warbanner.jpg D.Va Warbanner.png Iconic D.Va Warbanner.png
Franchise-overwatch.png Overwatch Warbanner Franchise-overwatch.png Azure Overwatch Warbanner Franchise-overwatch.png D.Va Warbanner Franchise-overwatch.png Iconic D.Va Warbanner
Overwatch Warbanners: Although their watch has ended, Overwatch's soaring ideals of freedom and equality will never be forgotten.
D.Va Warbanner: Hana Song's talent has made her a world champion on both digital battlefields and physical ones.
Genji Warbanner.png Iconic Genji Warbanner.png Tracer Warbanner.jpg Iconic Tracer Warbanner.jpg
Franchise-overwatch.png Genji Warbanner Franchise-overwatch.png Iconic Genji Warbanner Franchise-overwatch.png Tracer Warbanner Franchise-overwatch.png Iconic Tracer Warbanner
Genji Warbanners: Having accepted his existence as both man and machine, Genji now faces his challenges with a clear mind and a resolute spirit.
Tracer Warbanners: Despite Overwatch's dissolution, Tracer continues to fight the good fight wherever she can.


Officer D.Va Banner.jpg Oni Genji Banner.jpg Anniversary Banner.jpg The Lich Lord banner.png Pachi-reward-banner.png
Franchise-overwatch.png Officer D.Va
Nexus Challenge 2.0
Franchise-overwatch.png Oni Genji
Nexus Challenge 2.0
Anniversary The Lich Lord
Call of Kel'Thuzad
Pachimari Mania
BlizzCon 2017 Banner.jpg Lunar Warcrest.jpg
BlizzCon 2017 Lunar Warcrest
Lunar Festival 2018


Patch changes

  • Patch.png (Patch September 26, 2017Note: Banners that are placed after completing an objective, capturing Mercenaries, etc., will now display the name of the player who owns that Banner.
  • Patch.png (Patch May 16, 2017Note: D.Va Banner, Iconic D.Va Banner, D.Va Warbanner, Iconic D.Va Warbanner added.
  • Patch.png (Patch April 25, 2017Note: Added.